Full Body Tuina Massage (50 mins) + Foot Reflexology (20 mins)

Pure Foot Relaxology (1 outlet)

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Tunia Massage

Tuina massage originated in China and is believed to be the oldest system of bodywork. It is one of the four main branches of traditional chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, qi gong and chinese herbal medicine. It is based on the theory that imbalances of Qi can cause blockages of energy and blood flow in the body. Tuina massage stimulates the flow of Qi to promote balance and harmony within the body.

Pure Relaxology uses the traditional Ruo Shi method of massage to energerise meridians and acupoints to balance the flow of qi in your body

Ruo Shi reflexology is a non invasive method of quickly restoring balance to the body by focusing on the meridian and acupressure points in the body. The flow of qi and body circulation is improved and muscles are relaxed. We do this by kneading the tissues and muscles of the body in a tuina massage. Or kneading the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel and pushing deep into the arch for a foot reflexology massage. 

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology rests on the ancient Chinese belief in Qi or vital energy. Qi flows through each person and when there is a blockage of Qi due to various factors eg. stress, there is an imbalance in the body.

In chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points in the body.

The body consists of 10 vertical zones. Each zone contains different body parts and corresponds to specific fingers and toes. In reflexology, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • reduces pain and discomfort in the muscular system
  • uplift mood
  • improve general well-being
  • boost the body immune system
  • clears up sinus problems / issues
  • correct hormonal imbalances
  • boost fertility
  • improve digestion
  • ease arthritis pain
  • cleanse the body of toxins
  • balances energy in body


  • Pure Foot Relaxology - Lavender

    207 Lavender Street,
    Singapore 338765

    Mon-Sun: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm

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