W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders - Roxy Square

W.O.W! Wellness was born in late 2019.
In unison with our beauty product partners, we have the goal of exceeding your every expectation.
Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful after using each and every product.
Experience the pure luxury of Singapore’s only garden inspired, art themed, and café-style salon.
The W.O.W! Wellness salon has a sophisticated combination of highly trained and experienced staff and only the best facial and scalp treatments and products. We’re here to make you look and feel absolutely incredible and pampered.
Your body is a temple, which is why we want to nurture and care for the health of your skin in every way possible. Our philosophy does not include a “one-size-fits-all” approach – which is why W.O.W! Wellness is the only salon in Singapore offering the world’s first-ever customizable microbiome mask. This treatment is only prescribed after an innovative A.I assessment is done online.
To us, beauty is much more than what is on the skin’s surface. Beauty is a path that leads to empowerment and ultimate self-confidence – and we fully intend on transferring these aspects onto our customers.
It’s all about, and created for, YOU – with love. 

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