Face Shower Bar - Citylink Mall

Face Shower Bar is the first “dry bar of facials” in Singapore that focuses on results without the nonsense. And by that, we mean our facials are fast, affordable and customised for you. 
We understand that most skincare solutions are less than perfect. Spa facials, medical dermatology, and laser treatments can be expensive, time-consuming, confusing and frustratingly ineffective. Face Shower Bar was started to solve those problems.
The philosophy is simple: great skin takes consistent upkeep. Just like going to the gym regularly, you have to perform ongoing maintenance to see results. You may think you don’t have time – but that’s where we come in.
Face Shower Bar make it easy for busy women like you to keep a healthy skin care routine. Our facials are fast and highly effective and above all, wallet-friendly so that you can get them on a regular basis. We provide the best machines (hydra-dermabrasion, electric muscle stimulation, high-frequency, etc.), products and estheticians – you simply stop in for a 30-min facial treatment every week or two. After one visit, you’ll glow. Over time, you’ll achieve the cumulative, long-term benefits of a healthy skin care routine, and always put your best face forward.

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