De Hair Profile - Orchard

DE-HAIR PROFILE has built a team dedicated to extensive and endless education in order to keep pushing our team to another higher level of performance.DE-HAIR PROFILE is constantly searching new way to raise our standard of service, technique and knowledge to break through within hair industry.”we live together with our team and lead with humble mindset ,yet push with an overwhelming desire to achieve greatness,and we will never stop”-DE-HAIR PROFILE”.
We are an ethical and cruelty-free salon professional brand, established with the health of hairdressers .Our range of ammonia free hair colour, care and styling products are designed to work harmoniously with one another and within the optimum pH levels of the hair, to give our clients beautiful, healthy hair colour. Our unique green science is what sets us apart from other salon professional brands. It means that we are able to do everything any other professional brand can do, but more naturally, ethically and without damaging the hair.

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